Friday, September 16, 2011

It's my party and I'll cry if I want to!

Tonight Quincy slept in my bed since Quinn and Trey are still out of town. Of course we couldn't retire until she finished telling me all about the "no crying" rule at school.
Quincy: " No crying at school".
Me: " Who said"
Q: " Oh the principal makes the rules, writes them down on a piece of paper and gives a copy to each teacher to go over in class".
Me: " So your teacher read that rule to you and it came from the principal"?
Q: " Yes and do you know why? If you are at the computers and you start crying your tears might fall onto the computer and cause you to get shocked. AND if you are at your desk and your tears fall on your work then it will be ruined. It's OK to cry at recess if you fall and scrape your knee BUT it's not OK to cry during PE because your tears might fall onto the gym floor and someone could slip and fall AND it's not OK to cry during music because you can't sing and cry at the same time- you'll mess up the song"!
Q: " if you are crying because of a nightmare than you can just go tell the teacher and she will give you a hug and tell you to be stronger than the monsters because that's what Mary (name changed) did.

Seriously! who is this child and where did she get her imagination! I love it! Sounds like a future therapy patient......I better teach her now that crying is HEALTHY! I am glad to know she has such a caring teacher though.

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Torrie said...

The computer reason made me laugh out loud. :) What a sweet, innocent imagination.